Kizito Group is a multinational company based out of Uganda in East Africa. Its founder is Mr Edmond Kizito, one of Africa’s foremost Journalists, Media Managers and Management Consultants. He worked for Reuters, the global news agency, the Voice of America and was part of the founding team for The East African newspaper in 1994.

The company aims to grow into a global conglomerate with five portfolios — Media, Property, Consulting, Services and Finance.

Its core founder has over 20 years’ experience in both global and local media and has been a Management Consultant for other multinationals as well as for local companies.

In 1996 he founded a chain of weekend magazines that he grew from a paltry 2,000 copies of circulation to 25,000 copies a week, in only four months. The company also opened offices in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, and recorded significant sales there as well as to Europe.

The company had attained a monthly turnover of $200,000 — Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars — in that period.

In 2004 he consulted for Rwanda’s semiofficial newspaper, The New Times, whose circulation he grew from only 1,200 copies a week to 7,500 copies a week in only six weeks.

In 2013 he consulted for a South Sudanese newspaper whose circulation he grew from only 500 copies a week to 2,500 copies in only six weeks.

He has broad experience in all the five Media wings — Radio, Television, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines — at both the local and international levels. He has managed multimedia enterprises and is also a renowned Management Consultant in a variety of fields.

Mr Kizito has also mentored a crop of fine entrepreneurs in different fields who are now successful in different capitals of the world including London, New York, Brussels, Washington, Cape Town, Nairobi and many other cities around the world.

He is the Chief Executive of the company, is its Vision-bearer and main strategist.