The company has, under different names previously, published severally. It has been constrained in the past by a shortage of operating capital. It has, nonetheless, the capacity to churn out high-end, quick-yielding products across its entire portfolio breadth across the continent and beyond.

Business Plans exist for all the core start-up products including a Weekly, Mass Circulation National Newspaper for the launch market of Uganda, and a Weekly Regional Newspaper for Traders, Investors, Importers, Exporters, Bankers, Politicians and Diplomats for the six countries that form the East African Community economic block.

Financial forecasts exist for all the media products, from those at the National level, the Regional, Continental, Zonal as well as the Global.

Exciting new innovative business lines also exist for all the other company portfolios — Services, Property, Finance and Consulting.

The company seeks to engage with Financial Partners to be able to output its revolutionary and extremely high-yielding products for the market.

We anticipate high and sustained growth as evidenced in previous limited engagements. A high-grade Management Plan has been concluded that provides templates for running rather sophisticated, world-class operations for all systems, procedures and processes.

A robust and comprehensive reporting system has been emplaced which provides offshore investors with a real-time reporting mechanism on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual basis across five functions — Budgets, Expenditure, Revenue, Banking and Inventory. Partners also receive a Business Briefing across all the five timelines.